Adventures in San Diego: Goldfinger, Str8 Boys, Ricky from Project Runway and Albie’s Beef Inn

In a nutshell – San Diego will never be the same. I think I’ll add my take on the weekend to others that have posted… First I want to say that I absolutely love my teammates – truly. I have never played or become such good friends with a better group of people. OK, I’ll stop there cause I get all teary-eyed and girly when I talk about things I hold close to my heart.

Anyhow, the weekend started on Thursday night Behind cut for your sanity... but read on for fun stories!Collapse )

Dinner w/ the ex-boss and Proposition 8

OK, so my former boss is in San Francisco this weekend from Washington, DC for the association's annual meeting. If any of you have heard my stories about Chicago, Baltimore, Santa Monica, you name it... yes, it's this group of lawyers that are up to no good (but likely having too much fun) in our fair city by the bay this weekend. That said, "JD" invited me to dinner on Tuesday when she flew in, so I drove up to SF and met her at Hana Zen for sushi and catching up. Really nice time, but at one point, Prop 8 came up (Mayor Newsome addressed them at their opening session on Thursday).

Just a little more background about JD (just to give you some context): she's 40, a lawyer, married to a lawyer, has 2 kids (her daughter is 3 months older than Leila), and believes herself to be fairly aware of issues on the national scene - partly because she lives "inside the Beltway" (or the "center of the universe" as she referred to DC once).

So, the following conversation took place and I felt the need to share:
JD: So Gavin Newsome is going to welcome the group on Thursday.
Me: I heard - that's fantastic. I wonder if anything about Prop 8 will come up.
JD: What's that?
Me (trying to be neutral at this point): It's a proposition on the November ballot that is attempting to rewrite a portion of the CA constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman.
JD: But didn't the courts just rule in favor of same-sex marriage earlier this year?
Me: Yes but this is a last-ditch effort to overturn that ruling.
JD: So what if gay couples were given the same rights as straight couples, couldn't they just define gay marriage as a 'civil union'? why does it have to be called a marriage?
Me: But what is marriage but a civil union when it's recognized by the state, whether straight or gay? why not just call it what it is - a marriage. whether the ceremony is a performed by a pastor or judge, it's just a matter of terminology in my opinion.
JD: But why does it have to be called 'marriage'?
Me: I think that if you ban the use of the word 'marriage' for certain groups, that in and of itself is discriminatory, don't you think?
JD: I guess I see your point, but my pastor's openly gay and I've been to several gay weddings and I don't remember the word "marriage" being used - they used the word "union".
Me: But that's just it - you went to their WEDDINGs. The choice of words they use to make a lifetime commitment to each other in "holy matrimony" or "civil union" or whatever, that is their choice. And maybe in those states, they're limited on what they can say. I honestly don't know since it is a state by state issue.

It's just a reminder (to me at the very least) that what we're facing here in CA isn't quite on the national radar, but I bet it will be as the election gets closer. All the more reason to get as many people behind the "Vote NO on Prop 8" as possible. Not to mention that those that vote against that proposition will likely vote against *wink* the *wink* McCain-*wink*-Palin *wink* ticket *wink* in November.

Random book meme - love this

Thanks Kendall, Jefferson, Mark, etc. ...

* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the next two to five sentences in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

"Tens of thousands of these sessions took place over several years, until they became a way of life in the company. They are no longer big events but part of how GE goes about solving problems. Whether it was a refrigeration plant in Louisville, Kentucky, where employees debated faster and better paint systems, or a jet engine plant in Rutland, Vermont, where employees had recommendations on how to cut cycle time in blade manufacturing, or a credit card processing facility in Cincinnati, where employees had ideas about billing efficiency, Work-Outs led to an explosion in productivity."

Damn. Of course I'm at work and "Winning" by Jack Welch happened to be the closest book on my desk. Could sentence 3 have been any longer?!?

Good news!!

Leila has been called for an "assessment" at the pre-school I had waitlisted her at. That means she's in! Yay! ... oh. wait... YIKES! Tuition!!!

OK, it's only for one school year, right? I can swing it... I am so excited for her - this is going to be such a great start for her (and amazing commute for me - it's right around the corner from our house!)

Ah well - just had to share. That is all! Hope everyone's having a good week... Cheers!

The IRS isn't very "stimulating"

So, I finally filed my taxes for 2007. :-)  Not getting as much of a return this year as last year, but at least I don't have to pay.  That's the good news!  But I also just figured out that of the $900 potential stimulus check/rebate/whatever I MAY have received from the IRS, I am getting nothing.  Zip. Zilch. Nada.  Wouldn't you know that being a single parent making a decent living (not outrageous or lavish by any means) doesn't qualify for "stimulus" from the government!  ... It seems to me that single parents need all the stimulation they can get!  (especially when not receiving child support from their former spouse and/or "baby daddy")   ARGH!!!!  But imagine if I was still married (as I technically was in 2007), my former spouse and I could have split a check for $1500.  Ack - who am I kidding, even $1500 isn't worth the agita of filing a joint return with him...(not that he's a bad guy) and technically, I'm not really sure we could have since we had filed for divorce/legal separation in 2006. 

So, Blech.  Blah-dee-blah-blah.  Blech. 

The IRS makes my a** twitch...  
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Young boys CAN kiss well...

Yep, another young one.  24 this time... barely though... Yes, I did check his ID and he turned 24 about 2 1/2 weeks ago.  Anyhow, he's a traveling salesman (seriously) and is in town for the week, so this may be fun.  Time will tell, won't it?  He is a cute young thing and I'm so glad he has a short expiration date!!  LOL.  Otherwise, I just might need to refer to the "How to be/act like a lesbian" list we came up with last week to fend off the not-so-welcome advances of another person. 

So as promised, here is what we (me, Heather, Sarah, Keri and (just)Nate) came up with so far (please feel free to add/modify):  (In no particular order)

1.   Look like you want to make out (with another girl)\
2.   Ignore everyone else.
3.   Don't compliment purses.
4.   NO girly drinks... in martini glasses... OK, just drink beer, preferably out of the bottle
5.   When at karaoke, sing only angry and/or stalker songs. *** Update:  Less angry, more k.d.lang, meredith brooks, melissa etheridge, etc. 
6.   Compliment flannel.
7.   Everything sports.
8.   Wet t-shirts and trampolines (courtesy of Heather)
9.   Don't take bathroom breaks in pairs, packs, groups, etc.
10.   Never lick a bottom of a drink... or anything.
11.   Wear only musky (not fruity or floral) perfume... if you wear it at all.
12.   Discuss or show off your power tools
13.   Flaunt your Home Depot credit card and/or UHaul frequent renter card.
14.   Talk incessantly about Lillith Fair
15.    Firm, aggressive handshake.

From justnate:
1.   Wear jeans with no defined butt.
2.   Do not pluck (or shape) your eyebrows.
3.   Some portion of your hair should be shaved (or very short)... mullet?
4.   Wear Dickies.
5.   Attach a chain to your wallet and/or keys and attach to pants
6.   Sport shoes or "monkey" boots

OK, gotta sign off (I'm tired now).  Love to all of you and have a great week!!

Cupertino High 1989 (yeah, I'm old too)

1. Did you date someone from your school?  NO!  Always dated boys at other schools (too much drama dating at school!)

2. What kind of car did you drive?  1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88 (seriously) until I got my "new" 1969 VW Bug.

3. It's Friday night...where are you?  Football, basketball, on way to wrestling tournaments, movies, parties and yes, cruising the El

4. Were you a party animal?  Not really - 1 or 2 wine coolers and I was done.

5. Were you considered a flirt?  Definitely.

6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?  Does flags count as band?  Then, yes, band and choir

7. Were you a nerd?  Weren't we all?  Even the "cool kids" were nerds!!

8. Did you get suspended/expelled?  Suspended once (but it was an honest mistake on my MOM's part!  she forgot to call me in...)  Seriously!

9. Can you sing the fight song?  Sad, but yeah.  The alma mater too.  UGH.

10. Who were your favorite teachers?  Mrs. Ainsworth and Coach Chaboya

11. Where did you sit during lunch?  If I was at school, the quad or senior lawn

12. School mascot??  Dusty the Pioneer

13. Homecoming court?  ... did we have one? yes.  was I part of it?  hell no.

14. If you could go back and do it again, would you?  NO

15. What do you remember most about graduation?  Spending time with my friend Sue and being so excited I was finally done!!

16. Where did you go senior skip day?  A job interview at a hotel - how lame is that?

17. Were you in any clubs?  Not really, unless you count Grappler Girls as a club.

18. Have you gained some weight since then?  Duh.  Yes.

19. Who was your Senior prom date?  Didn't go to Senior prom - had to work.  Junior prom date was named Ryan (he went to Santa Clara, I think)

20. Are you planning on going to (or did you go to) your 10 year reunion?  Didn't go to 10, plan to go to 20 (yikes)

21. Who was your home room teacher?  I CAN'T REMEMBER, but he was cool as all get out.  How sad.

22. Did you play any sports?  Softball and volleyball.  And, of course PAL softball for many, many years. 

23. Do you still talk to people from school?   I would say "no", but just recently, I've run into several people I went to school with...  wierd.
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oh my ...

Your Kiss is Black

Your kisses are amazing. You put a lot of effort into your kissing technique.
You are a perfectionist, and you never leave any kissing detail to chance.
When you're kissing, you like to be in charge. You don't enjoy someone else taking the lead.
You know you're the best kisser. In fact, you're often disappointed by how other people kiss.

Kissing Type: Thoughtful

People See Your Kisses as: Amazingly unreal

You Kiss Best With: A Pink Kisser

Stay away from: A Green Kisser

OMG!! ... I won??

How could I have forgotten to share this???  Last Monday (10 days ago or so) at our big division managers meeting, we played texas hold 'em after dinner and guess what... I won!  ... a $1,000 gift card to Wynn Las Vegas.  OK, so that may not go too far, but I wouldn't go to Wynn otherwise... :)  So, now to plan a road trip to Vegas... Hmmm.  ... So wish Vegas was more kid-friendly... 
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